2022 Seedlings part 1

In 2022 I will sow the following species. The specific seed treatment steps are given at the end. ...

October 26, 2021 · Philippe

Oak seedlings

Last November, I stratified Quercus bicolor or Swamp White Oak acorns that two large trees profusely procuced in a park where my kids play. Here is their progression since spring. April 11, 2021: planting the acorns The acorns sprouted in the refrigerator and we can see their roots through the plastic bag. I disposed them uniformly in the pots and covered them with a layer of potting mix equal to the thickness of the acorns....

July 16, 2021 · Philippe

Ilex and Cercis seeds cold stratification

This spring I am trying to grow the following species from seeds: Ilex verticilata, Cercis canadensis, Betula nigra and Quercus. Here is how I break the seeds dormancy for most native species from Canada. scarification The seeds are first soaked in boiling water and then left for 24 hours at room temperature. The ones that float are most likely sterile and are discarded. stratification The second step to break the seed’s embryo dormancy is to simulate a winter in the ground....

December 21, 2020 · Philippe