Repotting a Buckthorn bunjin

This Buckthorn was cultivated 4 years in wooden boxes since its collection. The time has come to reduce the root mass to its final size. This a major step towards domesticating this tree normally considered an invading species in Eastern-Canada. I will further incline the trunk towards the left and front. Before reduction: After reduction: Close-up of the nebari: New planting angle: Sphagnum moss is used as top dressing:...

March 26, 2021 · Philippe

Styling a Buckthorn bunjin

This Buckthorn will make a big bunjin with over 1 meter tall. Only a few branches will be kept in the end to create a minimalistic canopy. From now on I will barely use wire and use directional pruning to exacerbate the geometric growth pattern of this species. Before wiring. After wiring. A stub near the apex is removed. The wood from the Buckthorn is surprisingly hard and shows an incendiary color....

March 25, 2021 · Philippe